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Childhood is a time when the body grows very fast, and problems in childhood can have a negative effect on the rest of a person’s life. Pediatric physical therapy is particularly designed to help adolescents, children and babies to make the most of their growth, overcome problems, and build their muscular and skeletal strength, often teaching them movement types and ranges of movement which they may never have experienced before.


Physical Therapy treatment that focuses on restoring function to the musculoskeletal system, including joints, tendons, ligaments and bones. Whether you’ve been injured recently and need to recover your strength after surgery, or you’ve been carrying an old injury for a long time, you may be surprised at the effect the precision, targeted exercises given to you by a physical therapist can have over time.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy Treatment


Neurological problems, such as spinal cord injuries, strokes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries or cerebral palsy, strike at the nervous system, which is how your brain controls your body. Most neurological problems are chronic, meaning they are unlikely to be healed outright; but physical therapy can have a huge positive impact on life with a neurological disorder. By learning and practicing small therapeutic exercises, the effects of neurological disorders on muscles and movement can be smoothed off and made much more manageable.

Heat Treatment

Physical Therapy Treatment


Physical Therapy Treatment

Strength Training

Physical Therapy Treatment

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Vestibular Therapy
Low back pain
Rotator cuff repair
Knee replacements
ACL repairs
Meniscus repairs
Shoulder replacements
Plantar fasciitis
Head aches
Neck pain
Ankle sprains and strains
Knee sprains and strains
Rotator cuff strains and sprains
Thoracic pain
Cervical strains and sprains
Sports injuries
Gait disorders
Balance training